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    CNC Broaching FAQ's:

    Does Razorform provide programming?

    No. For liability reasons we only offer general feed/speed and set-up advice.

    How do I program my machine?

    Contact the machine manufacturer or their distributor who sold it to you.

    The manufacturer is the best resource for programs for their machines.

    For CNC Broaching do I need a spindle lock?

    Yes. But it is possible to lock it in the program.

    Contact your machine manufacturer to find out how to program-lock it.

    75% of our clients do not have a physical spindle lock but rather lock it in the program.

    Will CNC Lathe Broaching or CNC Mill Broaching damage my machine?

    No. Not if you follow the recommended feeds/speeds/set-up info.

    Our keyway cutter is designed for a shaving style of broaching which doesn't have the same impact and shock that is associated with the older styles of broaching that take much deeper depths of cut.

    At .001” DOC per pass you could push that through with your hand.

    “The nice thing is I actually found a machine issue because of your tool. I discovered the turret was off in rotation by 0.075". I never ran a part. I caught it while I was checking to make sure the tool lined up with the relief hole in the part. I noticed by eye that the tool was not centered with the part. I thought it was the holder, but after about 4hrs of troubleshooting I discovered it was the turret. I think the turret pins must be tweaked from a previous crash. I am now going to run the tool in a horizontal machining center where I have way more control.”

    -From client RH-

    How Do I Broach on my CNC mill or CNC Lathe with Razorform?

    Each job has many different factors such as material, quality of machine, and the IQ of the operator.

    We offer general guidelines that you perfect for the variables of your specific job and machinery.

    Depending on the material being cut , take .0005-.0015" per pass at 250-550 IPM.

    Can I regrind your Keyway Broach Inserts?

    Yes! Please do. We do not offer a regrind service but many of our clients get multiple regrinds on each cutting edge.

    Can I “step-it-over” and create a wider keyway?

    Yes. This is very common.

    Why can’t I buy Razorform Keyway Cutters through distributors?

    Distributors artificially inflate the cost of tooling dramatically. How can the engineer accurately calculate true tool value when the administrative costs of the distributor are tacked on and hitting 40-50% ?

    We sold through distributors when we first opened for business and found they built a wall between the client and Razorform. We didn't know who our real client was and couldn't provide technical advice. We found the distributor didn't protect our brand name by making sure the client had feed/speed/set-up advice before they ran our tool for the first time.

    Distributors wanted us to give them 20% discount, then they would turn around and mark it up on the client another 20-30%, whatever they could get away with. We wouldn't even know, We didn’t control the price of our own product in that situation. Which was bad for our brand and our clients.

    The distributor makes their money off of turn and burn sales, volume. So they have no incentive to care and provide good service. A distributors livelihood isn't based on our 1 product.

    But our family’s livelihood relies on the personal relationship we have with our clients and so as a one-product, family company, we are the only ones we trust to provide technical support and great service. Give us a call and find out.

    Who do I contact if I have a problem with CNC Broaching?

    We strongly encourage clients experiencing problems to call us at 310-822-2810 or email us at info@razorformtools.com

    We are very skilled at diagnosing and advising over the phone.

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